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i'm back from hi hi rush

hellow Amigosss...
it's been so long after a lot happen to me in this last days..
i'm busy of work..and my new Longboarding everyday every nite..with my new chicas from another Indonesia side which really sweet and adore girl Yona , GemalaLissaYurike, Yumi, and the other Girls that i haven't meet before, we officially joined with Longboard Girls Crew that based in Spain....and spread to all around the worllllddss..this is Longboard Girls Crew Indonesia
realy fun,,!! get Hi, get Freedom, Get Sexy and get healthy with Longboarding.
this is some of me with my nu activity nu friends...lovely live...!!! this is Video from
LGCindonesia  video by pondra
and some of my pic by me & friends!!!

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